While my new home is at the top of mind, food has always been at the bottom of my heart. There is no home without good food and that is what this section of the blog is all about! I am no recipe creator, I am a recipe follower and sometimes refiner. I will always give credit to the original recipe and I will add my personal touch where I can!

Magical Mini Clementine Cakes

This week I made one of my husband’s favorite desserts, miniature clementine cakes. I got the whole idea of baking these the first time from the movie “The Secret Life of Walter Mitty”. From Kristin Wiig singing “Space Oddity” to Ben Stiller outrunning a volcano, the movie is so surreal and yet so believable at … Continue reading Magical Mini Clementine Cakes

Afternoon Tea

After living in London for six months, I finally appreciate scones. Not the dry crumbly triangles that americans pass for scones. But real scones. Which are actually more like biscuits. Not the english kind. The american kind. Let me start over. The staple of a proper afternoon tea is a good scone with fresh clotted … Continue reading Afternoon Tea